Saturday, October 4, 2008

I see children...

YO YO YO! Well I've finally mustered up the courage to blog again my viewers. And when I say courage I mean drive 'cause I'm one lazy mutha-shut yo mouth. So as of now, me and Tom is in the quaint little city of Charlotte, NC. We've been here since around Tuesday and almost have established a sudo-life story here in boonesville. The schools have been super duper awesome and they absolutely love Tom and I. In fact, I have a few new girlfriends along the east coast. I'm all about the ho's in different area codes...even if they're too young and too female to actually be considered a ho of my taste.

I finally broke myself in on the tour. It was on Wednesday night that Shea and I went to the Sidekicks-esque bar called Sidelines. Coincidence? I think so. Anyhoo, KC had beer and shots and beer and shots and shots and maybe a few more shots. I think drunk might quite possibly have been an understatement. It really helped when I awoke the next morning, still inebriated and delicious up-chuck breath from the night before. AND luckily we had 2 back to back shows starting at 8:15 a.m. The actors life for me. But alas, I persevered as usual and still managed to get love waves from our adoring young audiences.

So HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT everyone! Tom has decided to leave Huck behind. That's right ladies and ladies....Phillip Shea Coffman is leaving the tour. Apparently his other wisdom teeth are starting to act up and he just can't put off surgery for removal of all of them. Oh and then there's the whole scare of heart disease from infected wisdom teeth that apparently is more common amongst gay males on tour for children shows. So it looks like KC will be on the road with a random stranger unless anyone knows a good Tom Sawyer. Preferably someone hot and if not gay, willing to experiment. This jumping ship will take place at the end of October and the good news is we'll be in Kansas City for a weekend. So start planning and call for appointments 'cause my time slots are filling up fast.

Well that's all for now folks. Be ready for some crazy times. I only assume Shea will go all out with the drama as his tour time is limited and must be as memorable as possible.


criss-cross applesauce, spoons in the bowl-NO MIXING!