Thursday, September 25, 2008

God are you there it's me Tom!

Tom here! It is 7:45 am our time which means back home it is 6:45! Anyone who knows even the slightest about me knows that waking up is hard to do! Especially for me! But somehow these fews days of touring have turned me into an early bird. Or maybe its the condition of my health. I can't wait to go back to sleeping in! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls let me recap for you my condition, but first I must make an announcement.. I AM DYING! I promise that the second I get better ( if there is hope) I will blog about different subjects, but until then, I must paint you the painful picture that is my body, with my words! The inside of my mouth is like a playground for satan and jezebel! I am still teething. And that area is swollen. My throat is so swollen almost shut and it hurts me to swallow, drink, sing, etc and i have to turtle my neck up to do so, i have a cold sore ( KC has informed me they are caused by stress) on the inside of my lip by my bottom canine. and on the back of my gums behind my front bottom teeth! The I have a cold sore that it on the crease of my tongue and bottom of my mouth on the right hand side. Did I mention I can't swallow! I think the time has come to visit the doctor! I will let you know how it goes they may put me down! If they do I love you all. And I will miss you. Please erect a monument in my honor and maybe a parade and a keg would be nice! Hide all of my porn so my mom cant find it and please no one tell here about that time I skinny dipped in the Church Pool!

I am off to have some complimentary breakfast before telling little brats about some kid who fought a lot and made everyone think he was dead! Oh my god am I already over this?

Please God Save my Mouth!


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