Thursday, September 25, 2008

to be free you must give up a part of ones self!

Tom here for the second time today! It is with much anxiety that I announce in exactly one hour, Phillip Shea Coffman, will be in surgery! I am now eating my last meal for a while and making preparations! KC has been such a good friend to be helping me out and sacraficing doing show one last time today so I can have emergency surgery! In about an hour I have to have my widsom tooth that is growing in crooked, removed! the dentist I visited gave me no other choice. He took an xray and showed me how it was growing. It looked like the new tooth aka Lucifer damien aka my wisdom tooth was sodomzing my back molar! and in exact words from the dentist "my mouth is harboring nasties!" It times like this that I just want my mom and just want to be home with my dog. Which PS. my mom was suppose to call me back this morn and she did not, and is not answering now.. UGH!!!! Ok everyone I am leaving the blogging responsibilties to Huck as will be half robot half human when I am done! And don't know when I will have the courage to blog again!

Love you all!

Should I make a necklace out of my tooth?


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